Emails from UH athletic department show previous rhabdo cases, 'physical punishment'

HOUSTON – Several University of Houston women soccer players were diagnosed with a dangerous medical condition called rhabdomyolysis, better known as rhabdo.

Channel 2 Investigates first uncovered the problem in February.

The illness stems from a workout in late January. At the time, head coach Diego Bocanegra tweeted a weightlifting video with the caption, "Just another day at the office!" during the workout session in question.

Minor Bowens was the team's trainer at the time.

Days later, one player was getting checked for rhabdo at the hospital.

What is rhabdo?

"Rhabdo is pretty dangerous. It's basically a breakdown of your muscle tissue,” Dr. Noam Rosines, with River Oaks Emergency Room, said.

Rosines, who has seen cases in the past, said the breakdown develops after exhaustive workouts. He said it can cause kidney failure, which ultimately can lead to death.

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