Couple attacks woman, uses stolen credit cards, police say

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HOUSTON – On what was just another Saturday in Memorial, the woman we’ll call Wendy had just stepped out of her car to go shopping when she was attacked.

"Somebody grabbed me from behind," she said.

KPRC2 chose to hide the woman's identity because she is the victim of a violent crime.

It happened so fast, Wendy said. She blacked out during the attack on Feb. 23.

"I knew I was on the ground and someone was on top of me," she said.

She also knew her purse had been taken. She watched the getaway car leave the scene.

"I was just screaming, 'Help, help," Wendy said.

Police said Arthur Mcshan was the attacker and his wife, Laura, drove them to a nearby Walmart, where they used Wendy’s credit card to buy a TV, among other things.

Arthur Mcshan

They also went to a gas station to make other purchases. Authorities said the couple spent about $1,000.

"The police were very, very vigilant," Wendy said.

Houston police tracked down the transactions and surveillance camera footage of the getaway car and suspects. Mcshan initially denied taking the cards, but police said his wife told the truth.

One month after the attack, Wendy said she's starting to regain her confidence.

"I’m finally getting a little self-confidence back. That’s the thing I resent the most. I will say now, especially if I’m in a parking garage, I look all around me before I even unlock my car to get out," she said.

Both Arthur and Laura are charged with aggravated robbery.

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