Woman attacks man with bottle for breaking concentration in video game, officials say

The mug shot of Lakeshea Faulwell.
The mug shot of Lakeshea Faulwell. (HPD)

HOUSTON – A 34-year-old woman is facing serious charges after police said she attacked a man with a bottle because he broke her concentration while she was playing a video poker game at a southeast Houston convenience store last month.

On Feb. 13, police said Lakeshea Faulwell was playing the game at the Scott Food Mart at 2718 Scott St.

According to court documents, a man entered the store and Faulwell began yelling at him for breaking her concentration. She then struck him three times with a glass beer bottle, officials said.

The man suffered a laceration to his head that required 50 stitches, a laceration to his left eye that required five stitches and a stab wound to his chest, police said.

Police said Faulwell worked at a Spec's Liquor Store within 5 miles of where the attack happened. When she was interviewed, she admitted striking the man in the head with the glass bottle, but said it was her only way to defend herself because the man was attacking her mother and another woman. Faulwell also said the man grabbed her arm, threatened to shoot her and punched her in the face, according to court documents.

Police reviewed surveillance video and said they saw no altercation between the victim and the woman before he was attacked.

Faulwell was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and her bond was set at $30,000.