Shootout fallout at HPD: 10 sustained complaints in officer's history

HOUSTON – Channel 2 Investigates has obtained a single-page document that appears to encapsulate the troubling law enforcement career of Houston police Officer Gerald Goines.

The police officer in charge of January’s botched, deadly drug raid has been in many scrapes, including 10 sustained (or verified) complaints dating back to 1987.

“This is unheard of. I’ve never heard of this, short of fiction,” defense attorney Chevo Pastrano said.

The document was originally obtained by Pastrano, who in 2013, wanted to know more about the history of the officer who had arrested his client on suspicion of aggravated assault.


The incident arose out of a road rage incident, the defendant in the case said started when Goines, in an unmarked vehicle, cut him off.

Goines claimed the man flashed a gun during the exchange, but no gun was found when the man was arrested.

The case was later no billed and the charges were dropped.

The incident was remarkably similar in detail to a 1997 incident in which the driver of another car was shot and killed by Goines.

The complaint history reveals repeated problems in the area of conduct and behavior, problems which first appeared when Goines was a rookie officer, as well as trouble with court attendance and following proper police procedure.

Any complaints Goines sustained after 2013 are not contained on the document.