Sister of man shot by Officer Goines in 1997 speaks out after deadly shootout

HOUSTON – When Rhonda Dorsey Williams heard that veteran Houston police Officer Gerald Goines was at the center of a deadly raid last month, it wasn't hard for her to believe it.

“He’s done it again, again, the same thing,” Williams said.

Williams didn't know Goines by name until last weekend, but she said she remembers her family's connection to him from more than 20 years ago.

“He murdered my brother in 1997,” she said.

Williams said her older brother, Reginald Dorsey, was killed during a road-rage incident involving Goines. During the incident, Goines was shot twice, police said.

“My brother was driving with his baby in the car," Williams said.

Williams said the family questioned how the events unfolded.

“The officer also said it was a drug deal gone bad ... it was road rage,” she said.

Goines has been on the job since the '80s. Authorities said he has been shot multiple times while on the job, including the Dosey incident.

The Williams family had an issue with the shooting of their family member at the time, and they have more issues now.

“My mom went to her grave still grieving it,” Williams said. “All the feelings have come back. We have unanswered questions. We want to know why did you do what you did.”

On Friday, HPD Chief Art Acevedo first told Channel 2 Investigates that his department will look into Goines' past cases as a result of the revelations uncovered by his Special Investigations Unit regarding the botched raid that left Dennis Tuttle and his wife Rhogena Nicholas dead.