Veteran's welding truck, work equipment stolen in Deer Park

HOUSTON – A veteran is out thousands of dollars after thieves stole his welding truck and his livelihood.

Nick Derden fought for his country and now he said that he is fighting to get back on his feet after someone stole his welding truck from outside of his employer's business in Deer Park.

“There are no words for how I feel -- it's definitely a gut-wrenching feeling," Derden said, “your livelihood is just snatched from right underneath your feet.”

Derden said he filed a report with the Deer Park Police Department and made an insurance claim but he said he is now in a holding pattern, waiting to see if his truck is found. Some in the community have donated equipment, but in order to replace everything, it would cost well over $15,000.

“It’s not the truck they want, it’s the tools on that truck,” Derden said.

“The hardest part is knowing how hard he worked to get everything, and for somebody to just scout it out and steal it right underneath his nose while he is working to provide for us is just sick,”
said Derden’ wife, Melissa Derden. 

If you have any information about the stolen truck or tools, contact the Deer Park Police Department. 

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