Woman claims man stole and returned her car several times, deputies say

HOUSTON – A man is accused of stealing a woman's vehicle several times at night, before returning it in the morning in Montgomery County.

Deputies responded to a complaint in the 700 block of Pond Circle of a woman who claimed her vehicle, a Dodge Journey, was being used during the night and returned in the morning without her consent, officials said.

During the investigation, deputies discovered an increase of burglarized vehicles in the area over the previous 14 days, officials said. Deputies set up surveillance video in the area.

That very night, deputies spotted the Dodge being driven by 25-year-old Michael Armando Lopez and initiated a traffic stop, but attempted to evade arrested until the vehicle crashed into a utility pole near the intersection of Price Lane and Goodson Loop, officials said.

Deputies said Lopez fled the area on foot.

After an investigation, Lopez was located inside a home in the area. When he was arrested, deputies found the Dodge's key in his pocket, along with narcotics, officials said.

Lopez was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, evading arrest with a vehicle and possession of controlled substance. Officials said additional charges have been applied as more burglarized vehicles are being tied to the suspect.

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