'I would have shot one of them': Tony Buzbee says he scared off burglars

HOUSTON – Houston mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee says he scared off intruders with a gun during a home burglary Monday morning in the River Oaks area.

Buzbee told KPRC2 that he thinks one or two people were involved in the crime.

He said he woke up around 6 a.m. but didn't hear anything. He said he looked out of his window and saw someone trying to steal a scooter. He said he went downstairs and his front door was open. He said he closed the door and went to get a gun and check on his children.

"I went downstairs and my front door was open. So I looked outside and there was an individual here in the front yard that was attempting to steal what looked like a moped; one of my kids' mopeds," Buzbee said.

He said that while checking on his kids, he saw someone coming out of a room on the second floor of his home. He said he tried to shoot his gun, but it misfired and the person ran.

"I drew down on him. The biggest mistake I made is I chose the wrong, I chose a .22, which is crappy weapon, but in any event, I pulled the trigger and it misfired. I thought it dry-fired and I jacked another round into the chamber and he ran," Buzbee said.

The high-profile attorney posted the incident on his Facebook page. 

Buzbee's post read:

"This morning at 6 am I awoke to find that at least one individual, perhaps two, were in my home. Also in my home was my son and daughter. Luckily, I was armed, and ran the subject out of my home, and but for the fact that my weapon misfired, I would have shot one of them. We are still trying to determine what all these scumbags stole from me, but the most important thing to me is that my kids weren't hurt. We live in a dangerous world. I'm a bit shaken up by this, and as I'm sure anyone knows who has went through this, don't feel exactly safe in my own home."

Tony Buzbee's home in River Oaks on Feb. 4, 2019.
Tony Buzbee's home in River Oaks on Feb. 4, 2019.

It is unknown what was stolen from his home, but Houston police said they received a call about millions of dollars in artwork and jewelry being stolen from the home.

"If you decide that you're going to go into somebody's home, prepare yourself to be shot. I'm sorry, that may not be the politically correct thing to say, but that is how it should be in the state of Texas, in the city of Houston," Buzbee told KPRC2.

Buzee said he is a bit "shaken up" by the incident and says he does not feel safe in his home.

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This morning at 6 am I awoke to find that at least one individual, perhaps two, were in my home. Also in my home was my...

Posted by Tony Buzbee on Monday, February 4, 2019

"This is our private space. And I just keep thinking if it’s happening here it’s happening everywhere across the city," Buzbee said. "We can replace objects. We can replace art or watches. We can’t replace our family and this happens here today, it's gonna happen somewhere else tomorrow in this town. I’m just glad my family is safe."

Later Monday afternoon, Buzbee wrote in another post:

"Let's all be on the same page. I don't give a (expletive) about artwork or watches that are stolen--I'm sure that figuring out the dollar value of this loss makes a great headline for those press folks trying to do their jobs. What I care about are my two kids who were in my home with me when I had to draw my weapon against a guy in my house at 6am. I already know my daughter doesn't feel safe in this house. And I care about fighting back against individuals brazen enough to come into my home at 6am, to violate my private space. I can replace art and watches and all of that foolishness. I can't replace my family. Too many times in this city people lose family members to crime. I was lucky."

This is at least the second incident at Buzbee's home in the last year and a half. In December 2017, a woman named Lindy Lou Layman was accused of ripping Buzbee’s paintings off the wall and pouring liquid on them, among other things, according to court records.

The incident caused at least $300,000 worth of damage to three original paintings and two abstract sculptures, records show. 

Layman, of Dallas, was charged with criminal mischief.

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