Bobcat spotted in Greatwood neighborhood

GREATWOOD, Texas – A young bobcat is on the prowl in Greatwood.

A woman spotted the animal on her neighbor's fence, and now the city is asking residents to be on the lookout.

Behind and around the trees, homes and lush landscape in the Greatwood neighborhood are families, residents and plenty of pets.

It's also home to several species of wildlife, like the beautiful bobcat spotted in recent days.

Its sighting prompted a warning from the city of Sugar Land. It also sparked reaction from people who live there -- especially those who have small animals that venture outside.

"My cats are like my children. They come in and out," Haley Lumbert said.

On the city of Sugar Land's Facebook page, the post has received hundreds of comments from all around the country.

"Where the heck did a bobcat come from?" one comment read.

"Watch the dogs during the day," read another one.

"So very beautiful! (but to be admired at a distance)," yet another one read.

Residents who are just hearing about the bobcat sighting said they plan to take precautions.

The city provided these helpful reminders:

  • Do not leave small pets unattended in the yard.
  • It is illegal to keep fowl. Bobcats will always take a free chicken dinner.
  • Remove any food sources like pet food and water, and clean bird feeders.

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