Man accused of impersonating Pasadena ISD official

The mugshot of Alfonso Lira Jr.
The mugshot of Alfonso Lira Jr. (Pasadena PD)

PASADENA, Texas – A man is accused of impersonating a Pasadena Independent School District official on Dec. 4.

Alfonso Lira, 27, was charged with impersonating a public servant after police say he tried to enter an administration building and left several voicemails for the district claiming to be the "district owner" and a "trustee," according to court documents.

Lira also left several voicemails that claimed he was "responsible by the government to actually make sure you guys receive that money. That source of income is something that I am going to have to dismiss you from," according to court documents. He threatened to fire several officials and told one officer that the officer was going to jail after being warned not to trespass, according to court documents.

On Dec. 4, officers received a call from Sullivan Middle School about a former substitute teacher leaving a note for the front desk clerk. When officers arrived, the front desk clerk identified the former employee as Lira and said he had told her to tell other staff members he said "hi" and then had left the school, according to court documents.

Officials opened the note, which read “New Trustees” and listed several names including Lira’s, according to court documents.

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