'You did the crime. Do the time': Mother of slain woman pleads to find accused killer

HOUSTON – Houston police are looking for a man accused in the murder of his wife.

The body of 29-year-old Charine Wilson was found in a ditch along a road near Richland in Navarro County.

Police said Wilson was shot multiple times. She was reported missing on Nov. 19. She was last seen at her estranged husband’s apartment. A warrant was issued for 48-year-old Johnny Leon Wilson. He’s been charged in her murder.

“I immediately went into a state of shock,” Susan Young said.

Young is Charine Wilson’s mother. She said a detective called her Wednesday night and broke the news to her that Charine’s body had been found.

Young said she believes Wilson may be in the Dallas area and that her niece received some phone calls from people who know him and he was spotted today driving in Dallas.

“Turn yourself in. You did the crime. Do the time. Turn yourself in. What are you running from? You can't run for too long,” Young said.

Young also said she believes Wilson’s family members know where he is but they won’t talk to her.

She also believes Wilson has been talking to his mother because the two are very close. Young said her daughter Charine had a heart of gold and the news of her death has left her brokenhearted.

“This man actually took my daughter's life, for no reason. He didn't have to do that,” Young said.

KPRC contacted the Dallas Police Department. A spokesperson told Channel 2 the department is checking to see what it knows about the case and if any possible sightings of Wilson have been reported.

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