Woman recalls being robbed after walking out of River Oaks grocery store

HOUSTON – She didn't want to reveal her identity, but wanted her story about being robbed outside Central Market in River Oaks to be told.

“I want people to be aware. I want women to be aware,” the victim said.

She said a simple walk from the grocery store to her car had her fighting for her belongings.

“I was screaming, yelling, 'Help me. Help, they stole my purse. Stop this car,'” she said.

The victim said she walked to her car in the parking lot and put her bags on the passenger seat along with her purse.

“I put my purse down and I turned to push the button down to lock the door and in that split second, the thief opened my passenger door and snatched my purse,” she said.

The victim said she wasn’t able to get a good description of the suspect because the incident happened too fast.

“It was a small person that had a hoodie on and to be honest, it happened so quickly that all I could see is the small person grabbing my purse,” she said.

The suspect vanished and walked away with her purse, which had her phone and several of her credit cards.

“These criminals profile, they know exactly who they are going to hit and on Wednesday, that was me,” she said.