These are the travel hacks you need this holiday season


HOUSTON – Traveling for the holidays can be a dicey endeavor, but there are ways to make it all easier for yourself and your family. 

KPRC2 has recently taken a look at travel, particularly air travel, to expedite your boarding process. 

Tips on how to get past airport security faster - KPRC2 Consumer Reporter Amy Davis explores the Transportation Security Administration’s app, Pre-check, the Global Entry program and more to speed along your passage through the airport.

Parking tips to know before you jet off to the airport for holiday travel - KPRC2’s Taisha Walker shares how to make the most of apps to help save on parking, stacking up the options one-by-one. 

What you’re doing on planes that can hurt your hearingKPRC2 Health Reporter Haley Hernandez shows how people are at risk of harming their hearing on airplanes.



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