Taisha Walker

Nightside reporter, yorkie mom, foodie and native New Yorker lacking an accent.

Taisha Walker
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Get 2 Know Me

  • I have lived in Houston since January 2018.
  • I have a fur baby named Bailey. He is quirky, energetic and has never met a stranger.
  • Attended college at Clark Atlanta University.
  • Made my way back to my home state for graduate school at Syracuse University, trading Georgia’s extreme heat for a frozen tundra.

When I lived in South Dakota, I got stuck in the middle of a buffalo herd while exploring Custer State Park. It was one of the most terrifying encounters in my life, which was caught on camera by the driver in the car. Think State Farm commercial but worse.

Have you ever had a bison lean against a car window, give you the side-eye and then grunt? I have. The video’s on YouTube somewhere. Warning, some strong language and a hilarious bison re-enactment appear in the clip.

I was a very shy child growing up - my mother couldn’t get me to speak to people.

I may have even left my own 8th birthday party and hid in the closet to escape everyone singing Happy Birthday to me.

Now, you can’t get me to stop talking!

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