Restaurant Report Card: Roaches, roaches and more roaches plague local eateries

HOUSTON – KPRC's Bill Spencer makes his weekly rounds to restaurants in town to make sure they are keeping up to the health standards in Houston.

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PHOTOS: Restaurant Report Card: Nov. 15, 2018

Street Food Thai Market - 1010 W. Cavalcade

Violation: Inspectors discovered German cockroaches in multiple places: Inside a box of vegetable oil, under the food preparation tables, on the food prep refrigerator, under the drink prep table and under boxes of produce.



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Street Food Thai Market Restaurant Report (PDF)
Street Food Thai Market Restaurant Report (Text)


Classic Kitchen - 9888 Bellaire

Violation: Discovered cockroaches on the wall near the kitchen door exit and on the dishwasher. The health department orders this restaurant will have to undergo a re-inspection.



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Classic Kitchen Restaurant Report (PDF)
Classic Kitchen Restaurant Report (Text)


La Guadalupana Bakery & Café - 2109 Dunlavy

Violation: Inspectors found German cockroaches around the overhead tiles in the dry food storage area, in the waiters and waitresses storage area and roof rat droppings in the dining room, in the kitchen and near the food line.



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La Guadalupana Bakery Restaurant Report (PDF)
La Guadalupana Bakery Restaurant Report (Text)


The Corner Bakery Café - 1000 Main

Violation: Discovered cockroaches behind the refrigeration unit in the basement kitchen, in the dry food storage area and found a baby cockroach egg sack in the food storage area.



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Corener Bakery Cafe Restaurant Report (PDF)
Corener Bakery Cafe Restaurant Report (Text)