Houston Zoo exhibit evacuated after chimpanzee breaks glass enclosure, officials say

HOUSTON – A chimpanzee broke a glass window at a Houston Zoo exhibit Monday, according to officials.

Fourteen chimps were in the exhibit at the time, officials said.

Officials said the chimpanzee broke the "interior panel of glass at the habitat." The glass is part of a multi-layered panel and there were no sharp edges on either side of the broken pane.

The exhibit's viewing area was temporarily evacuated around 11 a.m., but has since reopened.

The chimpanzees will remain in their indoor housing facility until the glass is replaced.

Zoo officials said no one was ever in any danger.

Here is a statement from the Houston Zoo:

"At around 11 this morning, a chimpanzee broke the interior panel of glass at the habitat. This is a multilayered panel, and the broken pane was fully encapsulated, ensuring there were no sharp edges on either the chimpanzee or guest sides. Safety protocols were enacted swiftly and accurately, and at no point were guests or animals in danger. Part of the safety protocols included recalling the chimpanzees to their indoor housing. They will remain there until the glass panel is replaced. The walkway through the African Forest has reopened to guests."