Couple arrested after two-day standoff at Montgomery home

MONTGOMERY, Texas – A man who eluded arrest Saturday after what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop is in custody, police say. 

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office posted a tweet on Monday saying Nolen Goodman had been arrested after a "lengthy standoff."

According to the authorities, Goodman, a.k.a Nolen Eric Meadors, took off after being pulled over near FM 149 and Blue Goose Saturday and led police on a chase.

The chase ended after Goodman pulled into a private residence in the 12300 block of FM 149, where police say Goodman shot at them before running into a nearby wooded area, leaving behind a woman who was in the car with him.

After a thorough search by SWAT, they were unable to locate Goodman until Sunday when they received a tip he was back in the area, police said.

Officials confirmed late Sunday Goodman was barricaded in a home near FM 149 and was refusing to come out.

According to officials, the SWAT scene went into the early morning hours of Monday until authorities were able to take him into custody.

His girlfriend, Rosemary Paez, was also taken into custody and charged with hindering apprehension of a known fugitive.

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