'Daddy, I'm sorry': Last words of one of two children slain by father, investigators say

HOUSTON – It was a mother's worst nightmare.

WARNING: Some readers might find the details below graphic. 

When officers arrived at an apartment at 10919 Fondren Road on Aug. 4, they said they found the mother of two slain children screaming and crying in the home of her estranged husband, Jean-Pierre Ndossoka.

Anna-Belle Faith Ndossoka, 1, and 8-year-old Marcel Ndossoka, were found dead around 4:15 p.m.

The two children were lying on a bed with their throats slit, according to court documents.

According to court documents, the mother of the children told police that her children were staying with her estranged husband and the father of both children, Jean-Pierre Ndossoka, at his apartment and he had called her multiple times throughout the day while she was at work.

She told police Jean-Pierre Ndossoka told her that he needed her to come to his apartment because he killed the children. He also told her that he left a key under the mat and that he left a present for her, according to court documents.

When she arrived at his apartment, she found her children dead inside the unit, just as Jean-Pierre Ndossoka said, according to investigators.

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A bloody knife was found by the children's bodies, court records indicate.

Jean-Pierre Ndossoka also left a signed note, written in French, on the bed, records said. Court documents state a translator said the note indicated that Jean-Pierre Ndossoka blamed the mother of the children for all three deaths and that "she would carry the burden of our souls, me and my two children." Jean-Pierre Ndossoka also wrote: "I am dying with my two children," according to court documents.

Authorities learned that Jean-Pierre Ndossoka had unsuccessfully attempted to kill himself and he was in a Webster emergency room in stable condition.

Mugshot of Jean Pierre Ndosska, accused of killing his two kids, was released Wednesday by Houston police. Ndosska suffered injuries after a failed suicide attempt, police say.

When investigators met with Jean-Pierre Ndossoka, he initially told them he did not remember what happened at the apartment, but when authorities prodded with more details, Jean-Pierre Ndossoka told them that he "did something bad," according to court records.

When officials asked what he did, Jean-Pierre Ndossoka motioned to his neck and said he cut his children's throats, according to authorities.

Court documents state Jean-Pierre Ndossoka also admitted to leaving the note and summarized what he wrote.

He told investigators that his son's last words were, "Daddy, I'm sorry," and his daughter, "just kept crying," before he killed them, according to court records.

Jean-Pierre Ndossoka is charged with two counts of capital murder. He is due in court on Wednesday.