Proposed bike trail causing controversy for Bellaire residents

HOUSTON – Controversy is brewing around a proposed bike trail through the city of Bellaire.

Some residents said they are worried about what it could mean for existing trees and other landscaping in neighborhoods.

"It seems to be proposed to be at least 6 feet here, could be 8 feet," said attorney Wesley Wright.

Wright said he would rather it be no feet about the proposed pathway where bike lanes for the city of Bellaire and the space needed for those lanes. 

At his law firm on Bissonnet, the proposal calls for widening the sidewalk on both sides of the street -- but to accommodate the lanes, residents like Wright would have to give up some space within the city right of way.

"They'd knock out a couple of parking spaces, which we dearly need. Two telephone poles, which they're going to move, they say," Wright said. 

Here's a map of how the proposed community pathways plan would work -- three proposed trail routes -- looping the city. 

A map tracing Bellaire's proposed bike lanes.
A map tracing Bellaire's proposed bike lanes.

Some proposed lanes are 6 feet wide, while others are 8 feet. 

"Throughout the city of Bellaire they're going to have to tear down some major oak trees, mature trees that they can't possibly replace," Wright said.

That's another concern. 

One more concern said residents who are upset about the matter, lack of communication. 

They don't think the city has been clear with those potentially impacted. 

"You can't retrofit this city with everything that you want and this is one thing that a lot of people do not want," Wright said.