Pasadena refinery agrees to settle pollution lawsuit, environmental group says

HOUSTON – A Pasadena refinery accused of violating pollution rules on multiple occasions has agreed to settle a lawsuit against the plant, environmentalists announced Thursday.

The lawsuit filed last year accuses Pasadena Refining Services Inc. of several violations of both the Texas Clean Air Act and the Texas Clean Water Act.

Members of Environment Texas and the Sierra Club announced at a news conference that the company has agreed to settle the lawsuit and institute programs aimed at reducing pollution in the Pasadena and Galena Park areas.

A spokesman for Environment Texas said the settlement includes pollution reduction upgrades, disaster preparedness enhancements, a process for investigating citizen complaints and penalties for future violations.

The spokesman said the settlement also includes $3.5 million in civil penalties. He said most of that money will be used to help local governments buy electric and other clean vehicles for their fleets.