Missing dog for sale on popular website returned home to family, owner says


HOUSTON – A heartwarming reunion was had for a family that has been missing its four-legged friend named Bruno Mars.

The family, who was having had work done at their house, noticed their dog was missing and were shocked to see his face listed on a sales post on OfferUp.

Mike Fuqua said that, without a doubt, the black poodle-terrier mix is his adopted dog.

"That’s kinda one of the frustrating parts. We see our dog but we can’t reach out and talk to him," Fuqua said. "Bruno is fully grown, 20 pounds and is all black and has some premature gray hair."

Bruno has only been a member of the family for four months.

Bruno Mars was last seen at his home Thursday off Cedarbrake Drive and Pech Road in Spring Branch.

"We had some commercial cleaner in our house that was cleaning up and Bruno disappeared," Mike Fuqua said.

The next time Bruno was spotted was hours later in an OfferUp post created by a person named Cindy.

"When I saw 'sold,' and I saw the dollar sign, that’s what got me alarmed," Mike Fuqua said.

The confusing post also listed the dog for sale for zero dollars. Mike Fuqua hopes she’s not desperate to get rid of Bruno.

The family said they weren't home when Bruno was returned but appreciate whoever brought him back.