4 robbery suspects caught on camera stealing from armored truck in SW Houston

HOUSTON – Caught on store surveillance video -- an armored van robbery playing out like a scene from a movie.

Robbery suspects who were armed and masked got away with cash after the heist.

A store employee, who was too shaken to share her identity, described the frightening moments Friday morning outside Panchos Meat Market. 

"We were just like scared because we never had it happen before like that," the store employee said.

Moments before the robbery, the suspect's truck could be seen circling the parking lot several times.

Shortly after the armored van arrived, a female guard came out of the store with a money bag ... the suspects moved in and slammed into the van.

The guard was shoved to the ground and had a gun held to her before the three suspects snagged multiple money bags, jumped back in the truck with a getaway driver and took off.

VIDEO: Surveillance video of armored truck robbery

The guard wasn't injured nor anyone in the business.

"Thank God they didn't come inside the store because we have customers over here. We don't know what they can do to us," the store clerk said.

With the suspects still on the run, police want people to take a close look at the truck to help track them down.

Considering it appears to be a work truck ... even sporting a ladder on top, those caught up in today's crime suspect it won't be long before the criminals are caught. 

"Very afraid. Scared and sorry for that lady because she didn't expect what happened to her," the store clerk said.

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