New jail records show how rape victim was treated while behind bars

Mentally ill rape victim was locked up for nearly a month

HOUSTON – Channel 2 Investigates has uncovered new jail records in the case of a mentally ill rape victim who was locked up for nearly a month.

KPRC broke the story of "Jenny" in July, and it triggered an avalanche of change in Harris County.

Prosecutors received new training to help mentally ill victims. Incoming District Attorney Kim Ogg made Jenny's case a cornerstone of her campaign and defeated incumbent Devon Anderson, who defended the decision to put Jenny in jail.

Ogg on Friday fired the prosecutor who handled the case. Next month, lawmakers will take up a new bill to give witnesses more protection.

Investigator Robert Arnold reviewed pages from Jenny's jail file, showing confusion among some staff as to why Jenny was in jail in the first place.

"I think this case, more than anything else, became the litmus test for the public about what type of justice system they wanted," Ogg said.

Even though it's been nearly a year since Jenny was put in jail to ensure her testimony against a serial rapist, questions linger over the treatment she received in the Harris County jail.

Sean Buckley is Jenny's attorney; she's suing the county.