Students to return to Santa Fe campuses next week

SANTA FE, Texas – During a news conference Monday, school officials and Galveston County sheriff's deputies were on hand, providing updates on the school shooting in Santa Fe.

WATCH: Santa Fe ISD provides updates after school shooting

At 4 p.m., Santa Fe Independent School District officials held the conference in the board room at the Cowan Education Center at 4133 Warpath Avenue.

"I call on leaders to joins us as we stand together to ensure this does not continue in school," Santa Fe ISD Superintendent Leigh Wall said.

Teachers and staff members will return to campuses Wednesday. District officials said students will return to campus on May 29.

"While we are anxious to have students back in our schools, we realize there are students, staff and families that need time for grieving and mourning," Assistant Superintendent Patti Hanssard said.

Law enforcement authorities said the shooting investigation is ongoing.

The shooting suspect, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, remains in the Galveston County Jail. He is under suicide watch, authorities said.

Authorities also said additional security measures would be in place when students return to campus.

"Once our students return to school we will provide additional security at all campuses with the assistance of the Texas Department of Public Safety and other local law enforcement agencies," Santa Fe ISD Police Chief Walter Braun said.

Officials said numerous help resources are available on the district's website.

At 10 a.m. Monday, a statewide moment of silence was held at the request of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Several memorials are growing outside Santa Fe High School. Another one is located at the district building where the conference will be held.

"I wanted to pay my respects and I think it's important, and important for them to see that. I don't think they fully understand, but I think it's important," parent Joni Griggs said. "You tell them you love them and you tell them you're going to do your best to protect them and make sure they're OK. I don't know ... this is still new, so I don't think there's a right answer right now."

Neighbors erected 10 wooden crosses in a nearby yard. Each cross bears the name of one of the people killed in the shooting.