Men steal cash, credit cards from elderly woman at West University Whole Foods, victim says

HOUSTON – West University police are looking for three men who are accused of stealing cash and cards from an elderly woman at a West University Whole Foods Market.

Surveillance video showed the woman looking at soup options inside the store when one man distracts her, while another reaches into her purse in her cart and grabs her billfold. A third man was the lookout.

“I was angry. Still am,” the victim, Debra, said. “It just made me uneasy about everything.”

The crooks bought electronics at Best Buy for $1,600, and attempted to buy other items. Debra stayed up that night canceling cards.

“I always thought I was aware,” Debra said. “I think I will be more careful.”

She bought a new purse with zippers. And she now wears it on her person.

“[Do] not leave your purse/wallet/backpack or any other personal item unattended,” the West U. Police Department said in a press release. “You cannot trust everyone you see. There are people waiting to prey on susceptible victims. Keep your personal items on you at all times.”

“The grocery cart is not a safe place for your purse or wallet,” the release said.

Anyone with information on the men is asked to call the West University Place Police Department at 713-668-0330 or e-mail them at crime@westutx.gov. You can remain anonymous.

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