Unlikely friends Sal the goose, Sadie the bull dog separated after mystery roadway encounter


LILLINGTON, N.C. – The internet is abuzz about the mystery person who broke up the unlikely friendship between a goose and a bull dog.

The friendship formed when a goose showed up on a farm in Lillington, North Carolina.

Sal the goose appointed herself the boss of Sadie the bull dog, attacking anyone who came near.

The inseparable odd couple recently wandered too close to the road. People took pictures, and it wasn't long before one of them appeared on social media.

A witness says an unknown woman looped a leash around Sadie, ignoring Sal's honking protest.

One post says the goose chased the car for a little while, then gave up.

Sadie's owner says Sal has been moping around because the pair did everything together.

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