Intense winds cause hangar collapse at Hobby Airport

More damage found in southeast Houston neighborhood

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HOUSTON – Intense winds Tuesday night damaged a hangar at Hobby Airport, officials said.

Police were called to assist firefighters around midnight as storms and straight-line winds tore through the southeast Houston area, causing the hangar to blow onto three or four planes.

"Original reports were that there might have been someone stuck in the hangar. To our knowledge, no one was in the hangar during the failure of the structure,” said Houston Police Department Lt. Larry Crowson. “Right now, the fire department is on scene. We're waiting to see if we can get it cleaned up." 

According to airport officials, Jet Aviation leased the hangar from Hobby. Jet Aviation then subleased it to Jet Linx. Potentially eight private aircraft were damaged, airport officials said.

"You have foreign aircraft here. You have a domestic flight, (and) French made. You're talking $15 (million) to $30 million for a lot of these aircrafts," said Brian Sheets, a Harris County Reserve pilot who has worked with the Houston Police Air Support pilot for 25 years.

"If you look at this [scene], it looks like something came down and smashed it from up above. These straight-line winds and microbursts, they can go between 70 and 100 mph, so it has to be strong enough. We have bolts just sheared off. I mean, these are parts you'd put on a helicopter," said Sheets.

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