Man arrested in violent attack on woman at Memorial City Mall

HOUSTON – A man was arrested Wednesday in connection with a violent weekend attack on a woman in a bathroom at Memorial City Mall.

Maurice Mosley, 27, is charged with aggravated assault in the case.

Houston police said a woman was washing her hands Sunday morning in a mall bathroom when a man wrapped a trash bag around her neck and began to choke her. She fell to the floor and the man climbed on top of her and continued choking her, police said.

The man later kicked the 31-year-old woman in the face and head before she passed out, police said.

The man then boarded a METRO bus southbound on Gessner.

According to court documents, investigators used surveillance video of the attack to identify Mosley as the suspect.

VIDEO: Mosley appears in court

Mosley is also known to officers who work in the area, according to court documents. However, during his hearing Thursday morning, Mosley's attorney said her client has no criminal history.

His attorney said Mosley lives with his wife and that he is currently unemployed. She said Mosley has epilepsy and takes medication.

There is still no known motive for the attack.

The defense argued for a bond of $30,000, while prosecutors argued for a bond of $250,000. The judge ultimately set Mosley's bond at $100,000.

Mosley was being held in the Harris County Jail, according to records.

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