Conroe kidnapping leads to deadly FBI shooting of victim, 3 arrests

Kidnapping victim killed by FBI agent during raid of NE Houston home

HOUSTON – A kidnapping victim was shot to death Thursday during an FBI investigation at a northeast Houston home.

Investigators said FBI agents were conducting an operation at a home in the 7300 block of Elbert Street when the victim, 47-year-old Ulises Valladares, was shot and killed.

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Sources said Valladares was taken from a Conroe home in the 1700 block of Tyler Lane Wednesday morning.

Authorities said two men forced their way into the home around 8 a.m. Valladares and his 12-year-son were inside at the time. When Valladares answered the door, the men pushed their way in with guns, according to investigators.

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The men demanded money, bound Valladares and the child, and began searching the house for valuables. They kicked in the door to a bedroom where Valladares' brother lived, according to court records.

During their search for valuables, the child told police that he heard the men say that his uncle, who was not home during the break-in, owed them $8,000.