Mayor Turner responds to D.A.'s interest in controversial suspension of city press secretary

HOUSTON – Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said he will hand over to the District Attorney whatever is requested regarding allegations of misconduct against his press secretary.

“Whatever it is and whatever the D.A. needs, we will comply and we will be responsive,” he said.

Channel 2 Investigates reported the allegations against Darian Ward last week.

On Monday, District Attorney Kim Ogg said she was willing to review evidence that Ward withheld nearly 5,000 emails that should have been released.

Turner said he was aware of the D.A.’s interest in Ward’s two-week suspension without pay handed down in December.

“Whatever the process will be, the process will be. If anyone is asking for any information, we will certainly comply with that and legal will handle it,” Turner said.

The city suspended Ward after her supervisors, including Turner, said she failed to turn over nearly 5,000 emails from her city account related to her private production company and other personal, non-city business matters.

The city also discovered she worked on that private company while on the clock for the city.

Ward violated four city policies and she failed to comply with the state’s open records act, which carries a potential jail sentence and fine.

The city has informed Channel 2 Investigates that they are compiling the emails and will turn them over.

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