Bat guano evidence found while health official inspects Alvin Walmart


ALVIN, Texas – Bats inside an Alvin Walmart have caused concern for many shoppers.

The store's manager said bats were seen in the store Monday night between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

WATCH: Bats in Alvin Walmart

A city health official performed an inspection of the Walmart on Tuesday morning.

The inspection included a walk-through with the co-manager of the store.

During the time of the inspection, no bats were seen.

The official said all of the bat guano was cleaned from the lawn and garden area of the store. There was no evidence of bat guano on any other walls of the store, according to the inspector.

The official also said that a possible entry point in the lawn and garden area had been sealed.

After the inspection, the official spoke to the store manager, who said two bats were captured and released after being seen in the outside area of the lawn and garden section of the store.

The manager said an environmental company was called to the store to clean bat guano in the lawn and garden area.

The manager also said a bat specialist had been called to observe where the bats may be making entry into the store, so the area can be sealed.

The health official is monitoring the situation, and inspections are expected to take place through Wednesday.

If bats are observed at anytime within the food areas, the official said the store will be required to close until the situation is rectified.

Officials with the Walmart Media Relations Department released the following statement:

“We are working with our health and safety team as well as the health department to safely remove the bats from our Alvin store and will continue to provide a clean and safe shopping experience. We have identified the point of entry and are working with qualified contractors to ensure the integrity of the building.”