What to know about the new regulations on construction in Harris County

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Harris County commissioners passed some of the strictest regulations in the country this week for new construction in the unincorporated part of Harris County.

If you live:

In the 500-year flood plain: The finished floor of new construction will have to be at or above the 500-year level.

In the floodway: New homes will have to be at least twice as high. The lowest beam used to be 18 inches above the 100-year flood plain. Now it will have to be 36 inches above the 500-year flood plain.

In the 100-year flood plain: New construction needs to be at least 6 inches higher. Under the old regulations, a home had to be 18 inches above the 100-year elevation, now it will have to be 24 inches above the 500-year elevation.

Homes in the 100-year flood plain and floodway will have to be on piers, not concrete slabs.

Mechanical and electrical units will also have to be elevated to the level of the first floor of the home.