Food truck workers robbed at gunpoint in Houston Heights

HOUSTON – Two food truck workers has a scary moment when they were held at gunpoint at the end of their shift Sunday.

The robbery happened in the Heights along Yale Street. Two employees were cleaning up the popular Flip ‘n Patties food truck at 2:30 a.m. when three men snuck up on them.

One worker, who did not want to give his name, spoke exclusively with KPRC 2.

“The first kid had a gun on them and automatically put me in a head lock and he had grabbed me and automatically said for me to be quiet, and the first thing he said was, ‘Where's the money?’” the employee said.

That man was held down as the truck was searched. Another employee was inside the truck.

“The other two kids came behind him to hold me and told me not to move and told me to be quiet,” the employee said. “The kid that was armed searched around the truck, asked us where is the money repeatedly. All three of them, where's the money, where's the money.”

The alleged robbers fled with the food truck's cash box. The food truck, known for its Filipino spice burgers, was named best food truck in 2017 by the Houston Press.

The owner of Flip ‘n Patties food truck, Michael Jante, said, he is going to cover payroll. The robbery comes at a time when Jante was supposed to open his first brick and mortar restaurant next week.

“That money that was going to go to the kitchen equipment is now going to go to our employees for payroll,” Jante said.

The theft may delay the opening of the restaurant. Flip ‘n Patties has a GoFundMe page to try and keep the restaurant opening on track.