Nubby the dog exceeds expectations of his life thanks to wheels

HOUSTON – When you first see Nubby flying through the park, you probably notice the two wheels that he has with him.  

If you look closer you’ll notice why he has those two wheels.

He was born without his front legs. Some of Nubby’s first videos are him as a roughly 1-month-old.

It’s an age Lou Robinson and her husband Mark Bowlin didn't think he would hit. 

“As a neonatal pup, I had no expectations that he was going to live past the night or live past the first week of life,” Robinson said.

When he was born, his human family didn't know what to do and as the founder and executive director of Warriors Educate About Rescue, Robinson was contacted.

“There were other options that were told to the family by veterinarian professionals. There was a possibility that it would be best if we just put him down,” Robinson said. “She didn't like those odds. And since she could not do anything herself; she didn't feel like she was equipped to handle that or do anything, we were, we got the phone call, and what do you do?”

Lou brought Nubby home but he wasn't out of the woods yet.

At 4 weeks old, a lengthy trip to Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners became a necessity.

“Early on, it was very hard to tell whether he was going to pull through when he came in with his severe pneumonia and the difficulty swallowing food,” said Dr. Richard Stone, medical director at BluePearl.

“If he wanted to fight, we were going to give him the chance, and he did,” Robinson said.

Now he’s 10 months old and learning to use his new wheeled system. That is, when he’s not playing with his best four-legged friend RitaRita.

“I know it sounds weird cause I know he’s a dog. He’s happy. And it doesn't matter. I mean he’s literally happy whether he’s got legs or not,” Robinson said.

And he’s helping others feel the same.

“He’s making it possible to say don’t feel sorry for me and we don’t feel sorry for him. I don’t think he feels sorry for himself.”

If you’d like to donate and help fund the future prosthetics for Nubby then you can do so through Robinson’s group Warriors Educate About Rescue.

You can also find out more about Nubby by visiting his Facebook or Instagram accounts.