Woman watching KPRC 2 sees missing sibling during live report

Reporter Haley Hernandez, Red Cross volunteer help connect siblings on telephone

HOUSTON – A missing man and his sister will soon be reunited after she saw him during Channel 2 News' live coverage of the catastrophic flooding in Houston.

Channel 2 News reporter Haley Hernandez was reporting live from the George R. Brown Convention Center around 2 a.m. Tuesday, when a viewer from the Woodlands noticed a man sitting on a chair behind Hernandez.

The woman immediately called the Channel 2 newsroom, which got the woman in contact with Hernandez.

The woman texted Hernandez a photo of her brother she had snapped on her cellphone during Haley's live shot.

Hernandez then shared the picture with several Red Cross volunteers, who started looking for the man, whose name is Greg.

Shortly before 9 a.m., Red Cross volunteer Sari Obermeyer brought Greg to Hernandez, who called his sister and got the two connected on the telephone.

Hernandez got in contact with someone from the Medical Center area, who will take Greg there until his sister picks him up.

Greg had been missing since Friday, when he said he may have taken too much medication for a mental health issue and got lost.

During the flooding chaos, Greg was rescued and taken to the convention center.

"In the middle of this difficult situation, it is good to see there are some happy stories," Hernandez said during her 9 a.m. live shot.

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