Blade found attached to Target shopping cart, police say

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – While shopping went on as normal at this Huntsville Target, many people are still shaken after Tuesday's discovery in a shopping center.

Police say were called out after a utility knife blade was found attached to a shopping cart.

Police said the blade was discovered after a customer at the Ravenwood Village shopping center suffered a minor injury. No other tampered carts were found.

"I don't understand why somebody would want to do something like that," Jordan Jeter said.

The blade was found after a customer hurt themselves on it, but only suffered minor injuries.

Police say no other tampered carts were found and they're now working with the store to track down a suspect.

Judy Arnold, a worried shopper explained, "It's scary that you can't even go shopping without worrying about something like that."

Even more frightening, the latest blade find, comes just one day after a razor blade was found melted into playground equipment not too far from the shopping center.

Police said they are asking stores to inspect their shopping carts. They are also asking properties that have playgrounds to inspect their equipment.

Police say it's unclear if the blade found in the park and most recently at the shopping center are connected, but they're asking the public to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity -- or call if they know anything about either case.

"I definitely looked before I took a hold of my shopping basket. But that's just sad that you have to stop and think about things like that," said Vlon Kooi, a concerned shopper. said.

Investigators said they are working to identify the person responsible, but the public should be vigilant.

“Citizens have been instrumental in catching these kinds of criminals in the past," said Huntsville police Chief Kevin Lunsford. "We are concerned about the safety of our residents."

Anyone with information about the incidents was asked to call Walker County Crime Stoppers at 936-294-9494.

Target released a statement Tuesday evening that read:

"At Target, the safety and security of our guests and team members is a top priority. As soon as our store team learned of this incident, we immediately assisted the guest. We are partnering with local law enforcement and have shared our surveillance video to assist in the investigation. Additionally, we are checking all carts at our Houston-area stores to ensure they are safe for guests."

Editor's note: Police used the word "blades" in their original release about the incident at a park. The above story has been updated to use new wording about the incident that was released by police Tuesday.

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