Razor blade discovered embedded in Huntsville park slide, police say

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – A razor blade was discovered in a slide at a park in Huntsville, according to a release on the city's website.

The city said a heating device was used to melt portions of the plastic slide and a razor blade was then inserted into the surface.

The blade was discovered during an equipment inspection on July 6.

"The kids are supposed to be able to come out and play safely not worry about razors being found in slides and stuff like that that's not cool," Jakkie Coleman said.

The city said cameras are now being installed to help identify those responsible.

"If you were going head first it could cut your arm or your chest and how would that be? That would be very very bad," 8-year-old Ariana Fair said. "Whoever did that I hope you don't do it again."

The Huntsville Police Department is asking that lighters not be used in city parks.

"It's actually pretty scary that people would try to put razor blades and harm children," 10-year-old Hanna Collingsworth said.

The Huntsville website reads: "With the recent passage of the smoking restrictions ordinance, there should be no reason for anyone to have a lighter or any type of open flame device in use in a city park.

"City parks are for the safe enjoyment of all citizens. Please help us identify anyone damaging playground equipment, especially those using an open flame or acting suspiciously. Injury to a child is a third-degree felony charge."

"The law needs to take some effort to do something about it," Melvin Harris said.

"I guess I'm going to have to examine the park equipment and be more aware," Quaterrio Fair said.

If you have information, call the Huntsville Police Department at (936) 291-5480 or (936) 435-8001.

Editor's note: In their original release about this incident, police used the word "blades." In a release on Tuesday, police said that only one blade was found. The story above has been updated to reflect the new wording by police.

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