Father expresses concern after teacher pulls son's necklace at school

CONROE, Texas – Payton Flynn came home from Cryar Intermediate School on Tuesday with red marks on his neck.

Payton's father, John, told Channel 2 that Payton was wearing a necklace with a fidget spinner and some other things hanging from it. A school administrator told him to take it off, but Payton, 11, refused.

"I'm guessing she got irritated and went pulling on it," John said.

John said Payton is in trouble for not listening to his teachers and taking off the necklace, but he doesn't think anyone should have laid hands on his son.

"She should have called me and said, 'He's not cooperating, come get him,'" John said. "He is in trouble for not doing what we was told; it's just that it never should have come to the point where she put her hands on him."

John said Payton gets special accommodations at school because he deals with ADHD and depression. He's on medication, and his dad says at times the sixth-grader can be a handful.

The school issued a statement saying that a complaint was made to Conroe Independent School District police Tuesday night. District administrators along with the Conroe ISD Police Department are currently investigating.

"If you can't handle children and lose your cool in that way, I don't think you should work around children," John said.

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