Where are Houston's crime hot spots?

HOUSTON – KPRC Channel 2 News is exclusively revealing which neighborhoods saw the most violent crime over a recent six-month period.

We’ve analyzed every single pocket of the city and tabulated the results. Only on Click2Houston will you find our interactive database below of all violent crime broken down by neighborhood.

Houston’s most dangerous neighborhood is the Clubcreek Drive area, which led the city in burglary, robbery, rape and murder from September 2016 through February 2017.

Channel 2 sat down with Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo to address the violence that residents there have been living with for many years. The chief acknowledged the neighborhood was a challenge to keep safe.

“It is a trouble spot that has been a historical challenge for the city," he said. "I think between the Police Department, our social services, some economic development, we’re going to turn that area around.”

The chief didn’t talk specifics, but told us he plans to add more resources to the high-density housing neighborhood.

Next on our hot spot list is the area near Almeda Mall, which includes the Edgebrook subdivision. Burglary reigns supreme in that location.

For those of you who work downtown, heed this warning: While you are working, thieves are stealing. Downtown ranked No. 1 for theft. Nearby Montrose and Midtown didn’t fare much better, coming in at No. 2 for thefts.

We caught up with one Houston resident for whom neighborhood safety has become personal. Charmaine LeBlanc lives in Sharpstown and her neighborhood is a success story. Being a victim of burglary turned out to be a prime motivator for her.

“That’s what got me off the couch and got me to do something about it,” LeBlanc said.

She founded the Sharpstown Citizens Patrol Section 5, made up of regular citizens who have been background checked by the Houston Police Department and patrol their neighborhood. They are trained to observe and report, not to engage.

Channel 2 joined LeBlanc and her fellow citizens on foot patrol.

LeBlanc said her citizens patrol has had a hand in Sharpstown’s decreasing burglaries since 2014, and the stats bear her out. Since 2014, the number of burglaries in Sharpstown have continued to fall.

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