VIDEO: Man walks on ledge of 610 West Loop overpass

HOUSTON – Video sent to KPRC 2 on Tuesday showed a man walking on a freeway overpass in Houston.

The incident was reported about 6 p.m. Monday at the intersection of the Interstate 610 West Loop at Post Oak Boulevard, in the Galleria area.

Luis Torres recorded the video that showed a man clad in red with his arms outstretched as he strolled across the railing of the overpass.

“Look at this fool,” Torres is heard saying in the video. “Oh! Yeah! He’s going to fall.”

The man appears to nearly lose his footing as he nears the opposite side of the bridge.

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Torres is heard shouting some support to the daredevil.

“You got it, buddy,” Torres said. “You got it.”

Houston police did not immediately release any information about the incident.

This is the second time this week that video showed people walking on Houston freeways.

Another video sent to KPRC 2 showed a woman talking on a cellphone as she walked between lanes on the northbound side of Interstate 45.

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