Local bakery joins trend, serves unicorn-themed desserts

HOUSTON – The sweet aroma of something unique seems to have captured the minds and the mouths of just about everyone.

"It's all the rage on social media," customer Nimra Haroon said.

El Bolillo Bakery, known for its sweet breads and cakes, has always been popular, but never like this.

"We were getting like 20,000 views on the posts and likes and comments. It was crazy," social media specialist Mariel Rascon said.

All because of this one little pastry.

"We're short on our other products because we're trying to keep up with this, it's just ridiculous," owner Kirk Michaelis said.

Michaelis said the idea behind the "Uniconcha" was actually created by a customer. So jumping on the unicorn bandwagon, the bakers brought the magical treats to life.

"We said hey we need conchas that have pink, purple, blue and teal. Next thing you know, we have a batch of 1,000 and those sold out like instantly," Meagan Michaelis said.

They're also making cookies and even cakes to match the conchas. The owner couldn't believe how popular the sweets became.

"I haven't seen anything like this. It's been a blast," Michaelis said.

They've sold out several times but constantly re-stock. Customers said they're worth the wait.

“It just brightens up your day when you get something more colorful and different than your usual treat,” Haroon said.