Flier at bus stop encourages gay people to commit suicide

HOSUTON – A flier recently posted at a Houston bus stop used a slur and statistics to encourage gay people to commit suicide, according to a report by Outsmart Magazine.

A man spotted the poster Sunday night at the METRO bus stop at Westheimer Road and Standford Street in the Montrose neighborhood, the magazine reported.

The poster read “Follow your fellow [expletive],” and was plastered with statistics about suicide in the LGBT community. It also featured the image of a person with a rainbow-colored heart on their chest being hanged.

The words “Fascist Solutions” also appeared at the bottom of the poster.

“Whoever posted this poster is trying to put fear in the LGBT community,” said Ann Elder, who is the mother of a transgender child. “They have made too many strides to back down. LGBT people are here. They have the same right to the same things that everybody else has.”

The magazine also reported that the man also saw a second poster at the bus stop which he described as “an appeal to racial purity.”

A photo of the flier was sent to METRO police, the magazine reported.

METRO officials said someone removed the poster from the bus stop before officers could see it. They said it is illegal to post signs of any type at bus stops.

The Montrose Management District released the following statement:

"The Montrose Management District is shocked and dismayed by recent discoveries of anti-LGBT materials posted around Montrose. The District is working closely with law enforcement officers to uncover those responsible for defacing public property and deliberately attempting to antagonize members of our community. We will use every available legal remedy to hold perpetrators responsible and discourage future acts.

"The Montrose Management District condemns hate speech of any kind and is dedicated to protecting the diversity, vibrancy and sexual identity and orientation of individuals who live, work and visit our community without question or prejudice. We view our charter of enhancing and promoting the commercial interests of business owners as being intertwined with protecting the rights and liberties of our proudly diverse community.

"Montrose is a unique and cherished part of the City of Houston. Our community’s identity is based on individual freedoms and the opportunities for our citizens to pursue life on their own terms. The Montrose Management District stands with our friends and neighbors against any efforts to threaten or alienate a minority or group.

"Please report any incidents of hate speech, whether in person or through signage, to the Houston Police Department at 713-884-3131."

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