UH ‘unusual' campus legend, white-tailed squirrel, dies

HOUSTON – The University of Houston announced Monday that the legendary white-tailed squirrel that’s made its mark across the campus for years has died.

UH has been known for its gigantic and fearless squirrels roaming around campus grounds and those tiny hands reaching out for free food from passing students, but one squirrel was unique.

The white-tailed squirrel was known as a good luck charm for UH students.

“Legend has it that if you saw the squirrel on your test day, you would get an ‘A,’” UH student Odalis Garcia said.

PHOTOS: UH campus legend, white-tailed squirrel, dies

Many UH students were disheartened to learn that their favorite campus squirrel had died, but shared memories on the university’s Facebook page.

“We had breakfast together one time. Little dude loved bagels,” UH student Janine Dworin said.

The squirrel was also known for its huge and eclectic appetite.

“I remember when he turned down my strawberry for a cheesy Cheeto. He made my day,” UH student Julia Smelley said.

"Every time I saw this squirrel before my test, midterm or final, it wished me good luck," UH communications student Matt Flora said.

“It gave me the power and knowledge for me to pass my communication law test once,” UH student Emmanuel Gonzalez said.

The University of Houston released the following statement:

“With sadness, we share that an unusual campus legend, the white-tailed squirrel, has peacefully passed away. Thanks for the memories.”

It may seem like another squirrel to others, but the small unique creature brought a certain light, tradition and confidence to students before their exams.

“There’s a little memorial site for him where he passed. It’s over by the library, parking lot area next to a big pot of flowers. RIP,” Meghan Galvan said.

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