What's brewing in Houston: City Acre Brewing

HOUSTON – Good ingredients means good beer. That’s the idea behind all craft breweries and is a core belief of Matt Schlabach, owner and head brewer with City Acre Brewing.

“For us it was really important to basically grow as much as we can. We work with whatever we have seasonally and use that to drive what goes into the beer or the kitchen,” Schlabach said.

City Acre is as much of a fully functional garden center as it is a craft brewery.

With more than 50 varieties of fruit, vegetable plants and trees growing on the property, Schlabach said the idea of the brewery was more than just a place to make beer, but more of a living space for friends and employees.


“We always wanted a place where people could come and hang out and feel like they’re in a friend's backyard. We just didn’t want to be another brewery in a warehouse,” he said.

Along with an ever-evolving tap list that includes traditional tastes and specialty small-batch varieties, they are one of the only new breweries that boasts a full kitchen.

Many of the menu items are sourced in part from seasonal ingredients grown in City Acre’s on-site garden.

City Acre is open every afternoon and evening except on Tuesdays.

The brewery is located at 3418 Topping St. off the Eastex freeway.

To find out more information about the brewery and upcoming events, you can check out their website here.

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