Restaurant Report Card: Christmas edition!

HOUSTON – Grab a glass of cheer, everybody. It’s time to serve up the Christmas week edition of the Restaurant Report Card.

We begin at Schlotzsky’s on Greenspoint, where health officials found a whole assortment of cold cuts not safe for human consumption, because they were not stored cold enough.

We’re talking about ham, chicken, beef, pepperoni, pastrami and turkey, all ordered to be thrown out.

Up next, hold on to your waffles, everyone. At the Omelette And Waffle at 8533 Beechnut, health inspectors discovered an insect problem.

Specifically, the restaurant was written up after inspectors observed more than five roaches that were found alive next to the refrigerator gasket.

The manager of the place tells us he took the violation very seriously, closed the restaurant voluntarily for one day and wiped out the problem within 24 hours.

The restaurant is back open and ready to serve, and the bug problem is solved.

Insects were also the problem at Hartz Chicken, located at 5780 Hollister, where inspectors found live roaches trapped behind some tape near the hand-washing sink.

They also found gnats and flies in the dry storage area.

The restaurant also was cited for black and yellow slime in the ice machine.

And Cyclone Anaya's, the popular and trendy Mexican eatery on Gray, was written up by health inspectors who observed what they called “multiple roaches inside the food establishment.”

This week, we congratulate the hardworking staff at Applebee’s at 14815 Westheimer.

They earn our A-Plus Award for knocking out a perfect restaurant inspection report.

So we send them a giant Booyah and we say, "Hallelujah and happy holidays, everybody." Enjoy your holiday meal and eat all you want!