Houston-area parents find dangerous material in children's Halloween candy

HOUSTON – Daniel Marks' son scored big when he went trick-or-treating in his Memorial-area neighborhood Monday night.

He collected chocolate bars, hard candy and all sorts of goodies, just as he had expected.

What he didn't think he'd find when he got home was liquid ant poison.

The 9-year-old found the poison in his bag of candy.

"I don't know whether someone meant to harm someone or whatever it was," said Marks. "It was still very shocking."

The Marks family is not the only family to report disturbing finds from Monday night to Channel 2.

A mother in Kingwood posted pictures on Facebook of a needle she said she found inside one of the candy bars her child collected on Halloween night.

She said she discovered it because she always inspects the candy.

And a third case has been brought to Channel 2's attention.

In West University, a youngster was eating a candy bar when he noticed a piece of metal inside.

"I'm not going to eat any of the rest of my Halloween candy," said Hyatt Brown. "I'm kind of creeped out."

It's not known when or how the objects made their way into any of the candy in these cases, but with thousands of kids now eating the sweets they picked up on Halloween night, these parents hope their stories send others an important message.

"Hopefully, it'll let other parents know that they need to check their kids' candy," said Marks. "And make sure that there's nothing like that in there."

Marks has filed a police report and the deputies from Harris County Constable Precinct 5 are investigating.

The family from Kingwood said it plans to file a police report on Wednesday.

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