2 restaurant employees fired after mocking police with offensive rap song

CROSBY, Texas – A Facebook post recounting a law enforcement officer's experience at a Crosby-area barbecue restaurant prompted the firing of two employees and a wealth of outrage.

The post said a derogatory rap song was played by employees in the kitchen of Going's BBQ while police officers were inside the restaurant.

"It's just something you don't do," said Bonnie Quinn. "I just couldn't believe it."

The person who wrote the post explained how he and a law enforcement officer had been eating at the restaurant when they heard a rap song, "F--- tha Police," being played repeatedly in the kitchen.

"The guy washing dishes was singing the song and pointing out toward the eating area. He turned and noticed me standing there and started laughing," the poster wrote.

The post was shared thousands of times within in a matter of hours. Quinn said she read the post while putting gas in her car.

"I just blew a gasket," said Quinn.

Quinn wasn't the only one who drove to Going's after reading that post.

"Well, basically, I came down to tell the management goodbye," said Richard Jenkins.

Jenkins said his decision to never eat at the restaurant again wasn't swayed when he was told two employees had been fired because of the incident.

"It does not matter," said Jenkins. "We don't treat first responders and people who help us keep our laws in order this way."

One of the former employees later posted an apology on the restaurant's page, but declined to discuss the matter further with KPRC.

The restaurant's owners also issued an apology, writing, "We love and respect the men and women of law enforcement."

KPRC also spoke with the deputy constable referred to in the post, and he told us he has spoken with the owners and appreciates their apology.