Another rape victim jailed to testify against her attacker

HOUSTON – A Channel 2 Investigation has confirmed another rape victim was held in jail so prosecutors could assure she would testify against her attacker and help put him in prison. And in this case, the witness was held improperly.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson confirmed during a news conference there had been an error.

Channel 2 is not naming the rape victim, but the case involves William Ford Jr., who ultimately pleaded guilty in the sexual assault case.

DNA helped identify Ford as the suspect, but it was after the victim had been sentenced to six months in jail in unrelated drug possession case.

The woman was held for nearly two months after her sentence had been completed, Anderson confirmed Monday.

Sheriff Ron Hickman called the event an unfortunate circumstance.

“We bench warranted her back from state jail to talk about rape case and while she was in jail her sentence expired and she ended up spending two extra months in the Harris County Jail that she shouldn’t have spent,” Anderson said. “We are looking into it.”

Anderson said the woman was ultimately released.