Attorney of jailed rape victim says DA lied in video statement

HOUSTON – The attorney for a rape victim who suffered a mental breakdown on the stand at her rapist’s trial and was then put in jail so prosecutors could make sure she returned to testify said Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson lied in a videotaped statement responding to a KPRC Channel 2 investigation.

Anderson refused to face on-camera questions as Channel 2 investigated the case of Jenny, who was raped by serial rapist Keith Hendricks.

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Anderson responded to the Channel 2 investigation Wednesday with a video posted on YouTube and her Facebook account.In the video statement, Anderson said she stands by her office’s decision to hold Jenny in jail for a month until she would be called to testify again.

“How were we to assume that a homeless, mentally ill victim of an aggravated sex assault would return to testify at the trial of her rapist when that victim was going through a life-threatening mental health crisis and had expressed her intention not to testify?” Anderson asked.

Jenny’s attorney, Sean Buckley -- who is suing the Hendricks’ case prosecutor, a jail guard, Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman and Harris County -- calls Anderson’s statement a lie.

Buckley said Jenny was not homeless when she came to testify against her attacker or after she was eventually released from jail.

Buckley said Anderson misled viewers.