Oak Forest neighborhood on alert after package thief hits multiple homes

HOUSTON – Surveillance cameras recorded a man pulling up to a home in the Oak Forest neighborhood, stealing a package from the porch of a house, putting it into his SUV and taking off.

People who live in the neighborhood said the same man has been targeting homes all over the area. He’s been spotted driving around town, towing a trailer full of boxes. Sometimes, he’s with a pregnant woman, and recently, they were seen at a nearby pawn shop.

“She found the same Jeep and the same trailer at a pawn shop,” said Jackie Abreu-Hill, who lives in Oak Forest and had something stolen off her porch recently. “Saw the guy get out with boxes and everything he must have stolen and trading it in for money.”

A vehicle description and license plate has been handed over to the police who are investigating.

“It’s really unfortunate you can’t get a package delivered without feeling like you’re going to come home to nothing,” Abreu-Hill said.

Neighbors want to get the word out so others in the area can protect their property.

They also want people to call the police if they spot the suspicious red Jeep and trailer.

“Everyone in this neighborhood is just fed up,” Abreu-Hill said.